Goddess Ritual

On this page you will learn some of the Goddess Rituals

bathe like a goddess

But what is a “Goddess Ritual”? Here at Sacred Earth Natural Spa Products, we believe that Spa rituals contribute greatly to your wellbeing. We also believe that every woman out there is a Goddess, it’s up to you to wake her up and bring her out. These words resonate with many of you because you hear the truth in them.

Essentially our Goddess Rituals are Spa Meditations. They are ways to combine your bathing routine, shower or bath, with meditations, affirmations and visualizations.

This is a practice that dates back as far as the Pyramids. In ancient times ,Priestesses of the Tantra Temples would use this to heighten their intuition, purify and clear their auras. This practice is highly relevant today.Becoming more mindful, maintaining a clear energy field and body are part of a better planet in the big picture. A better you makes for a better world.

“There must be something that a hot bath can’t fix, I just don’t know what it is”

Achieve wellbeing!


You will need:

Azure Natural Body Scrub with Salt
Lavender& Rosemary Scrub

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Legendary Power
Shea Mousse Repair Balm

As you apply the scrub in your shower, take three deep breaths and centre yourself.

Then continue applying the scrub with the Mantra:

I am exactly where I am supposed to be and it’s perfect. 



by now your body should be covered with the salt

inhale the scent through your nose and notice what happens to the body as you do.

As you rinse off, imagine the water being made of silver blue light.

Allow it to wash off all of which that burdens you, bothers you and angers you.

Imagine  all of it going down the drain with the salt.

When complete, dry off, and apply the Body Balm generously all over int the usual manner: first melting it in your palm and then massaging gently.

While allowing to absorb sit or lie on a towel for 5-10 more minutes.

With your mind’s eye create a Silver Blue Light Bubble that surrounds your entire body, and fill this bubble with Silver Blue Light. See this light permeating your skin and your body from head to toe. See yourself as the calm and powerful goddess you truly are.

Remain receptive until you feel complete.

Enjoy this ritual and BE WELL


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