Shea Mousse Repair Balm with Virgin Shea Butter


Fair Trade Organic Virgin Shea Butter is the main ingredient for our miraculous Repair Balm. Perfect for all skin conditions, and the ultimate cure all. Virgin Shea Butter is unusually high in vitamins A,C and E, giving it intensive repairing qualities. The latter vitamins also comprise the Anti Oxidants which are active scavengers of the destructive free radicals. It has protective qualities agains UV rays and can slow sun damage. It has been used in western africa for centuries, as a beauty aid but also in healing ointments and herbal medicine for skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, irritation and burns.

How is Virgin Shea Butter made?


Virgin shea butter or unrefined shea butter is the  oil procured from slow roasting nuts from the karite tree commonly grown in west africa. Usually women in regions of africa such as Ghana or Burkina Faso, collect the nuts from the slow growing karite or shea trees andburkinafasowomen add them to huge pots over a fire where they roast for several days. They then separate the oil from the nuts. In cooler temperature this oil solidifies, forming the  butter with all its’ potent antioxidants and nourishing properties. The formidable properties of this raw material are becoming well known in the more developed world and the demand for it is definitely on the rise.  This is especially wonderful for the women entrepreneurs of the region. Read this article about the abundance created by virgin shea butter

.Watch this video by Global Mama’s on how shea butter is made


Virgin shea butter vs. refined shea butter


Since the shea butter produced by slow roasting has a tendency to have a nutty aroma and a grainy texture, many users find it difficult to apply and work with. A chemical process in which a chemical is added to the butter and subsequently extracted removes this nutty aroma and the yellow colour. Along with the nutty aroma and the yellow colour the vitamins and nourishing properties are also removed.  That is why we only use virgin shea butter.

What is Shea Mousse Repair Balm with virgin shea butter?

Our legendary body balm with virgin shea butter is a powerful moisturizer that was created by using a special process to make the usually hard and grainy feel of virgin shea butter into a smooth gliding experience without stripping it of its’ natural potency and infinite goodness.

How to use Shea Mousse Repair Balm with virgin shea butter

Use it on callouses, chafed skin, rough patches, dry skin, hang nails, sun burn, razor burn, sun burn and safe on small cuts as well. Use during pregnancy to prevent stretch marks, and post natal baby massage. It serves well as a massage product due to it’s great texture and velvety, non greasy, non sticky after feel.

Use it as an overall moisture treatment before bed, in the morning or any time you need it. Perfect for “gardener’s hands”, and mechanics, or anyone with a lot of stress on their hands or feet.

It is also a perfect hair treatment. As an overnight masque or you can just apply some to fly aways, frizziness or dry split ends.

Long lasting protection offers a protective barrier against environmental stress and powerful nourishment to help rebuild and renew. Love your skin again.

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Our Repair Balm is 100% Natural, 100% Organic and Fragrance Free


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